Mr Hatrick's Motor Vessel Wairua - A genuine vintage riverboat

About the Vessel

Built at Poplar London UK by Yarrow & Company Wairua (Spirit) joined the famous Hatrick & Co Whanganui River Steamer fleet in November 1904 and was a pioneer of river travel above Pipiriki.

Wairua has a unique form of propulsion that is known as tunnel drive or raised propeller boat. That is the propeller is located in a tunnel above the bottom of the vessel and the water is drawn up into this and then thrust out of the stern past the vessels rudders. Avery early fore runner of today’s jet boats. This enabled Wairua to work in very shallow water.

Wairua was one of the vessels most used to carry settlers and supplies to the Mangapurua Landing, gate way to the famed Bridge to Nowhere settlement.

We call the vessel Mr Hatrick's Motor Vessel Wairua because Wairua is the only vessel operating on the Whanganui River that was actually built for Alexander Hatrick founder of the Riverboat Service.

Now faithfully restored to first class condition M.V.Wairua offers Day Picnic Trips to Hipango Park, Cruises to Upokongaro and Personalised Cruises for all occasions.

Location of Vessel: 1H Taupo Quay
Postal Address: 1 Halswell St Wanganui 4500
Business Name: Whanganui Riverboat Services
Max Passengers: 39
Other Info:

- We are not wheelchair accessible
- You are welcome to bring your own food and drink
- With alcohol, we expect a reasonable standard of behavior and reserve the right to disembark any passenger causing disruption.
- MV Wairua operates under a Maritime NZ safe ship management plan.



Hipango Park Picnic Cruise
Cruises to Hipango Park are available by arrangement or charter.
Prices: Adults $45
  Children 5-15years $10
  Children under 5 Free
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Upokongaro Cruise
A two hour River Cruise (three hours with stop over at Upokongaro)
Prices: Adults $36
  Children 5-15years $10
  Children under 5 Free
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Upokongaro BBQ Cruise
Two hours cruise/ two hour bbq.
Prices: Per Person $51
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Private Charter Rates Costs
(inclusive of GST)
One Hour $ 600.00
Two Hours $ 800.00
Three Hours $1,000.00
All Day to Hipango Park $1,500.00

For further info contact:
Whanganui Riverboat Services
0800 WAIRUA (924782)
Mob. 027 555 4201

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